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What is the difference between a simple extraction and a surgical extraction?

dental tool extracting toothThere are two basic types of dental extraction procedures, simple and surgical. Which one you may need will depend on the symptom we are trying to fix. At Oakwood Dental, we prefer to save your natural teeth as much as possible. In some cases, this is not the most beneficial solution, and an extraction is necessary to protect your overall oral health. The most common situations that may require an extraction include broken or fractured teeth, severely decayed teeth, impacted wisdom teeth, and overcrowding.

Simple Tooth Extraction

A simple extraction is performed on a tooth that is above the gumline and can be seen in the mouth. These teeth can typically be removed easily by loosening the tooth with a lifter or elevator and pulled out with forceps. This is a quick process, and the healing time is usually pretty fast.

Surgical Tooth Extractions in Castle Rock

Surgical extractions are a bit more complicated. Surgical extractions require an incision into the gum to get to the tooth. This type of extraction is necessary if you have an un-erupted tooth or one that is broken below the gumline. A surgical extraction is most commonly needed for impacted wisdom teeth that are either partially or completely underneath the gum tissue.

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