Tooth-Colored Fillings Castle Rock, CO

Since most of us will have a cavity at some point during our lives, Oakwood Dental dentists Dr. Brandt Jones has opted to provide esthetic tooth-colored fillings to protect the appearance of your smile.

multi generational family smilingBenefits of Tooth-Colored Fillings

Composite tooth-colored fillings offer a number of benefits over old-fashioned amalgam (metal) fillings.

Seamless appearance – Composite comes in a wide range of colors so we can make an accurate match to the shade of your teeth.

Conservative treatment – Unlike amalgam fillings, composite fillings do not require the dentist to remove healthy tooth structure. Composite adheres to your teeth, so we only need to remove damage or decay.

Stability – Composite fillings do not expand and contract with changes in temperature because they are free of metals.

Patient preference – Even though research has not uncovered any ill-effects from amalgam fillings, many patients simply prefer to avoid mercury and metal.

BPA-free – We use BPA-free composite material. Composite consists of microscopic glass particles and plastic.

Woman smilingTooth-Colored Filling Treatment – What to Expect

Dr. Jones is known for his gentle treatment style. It is one of the things that our patients appreciate most. Not every filling requires you to have anesthetic, but if it does, we will always make sure you are completely comfortable before we begin treatment.

Our dentists will remove all signs of decay from your tooth and thoroughly sterilize the area to prepare it for your composite. We will choose a color that blends perfectly. Since composite does not whiten the same as your natural enamel, you may choose to complete professional teeth whitening prior to your restorative dentistry.

We will use a product that will allow your tooth and filling to bond effectively before beginning to apply composite in layers. In between placing each layer, we will harden the previous layer with a special curing light. 

Once we completely fill your cavity, we will cure it and polish the surface to a natural-looking shine. No one will know that you have a filling.

Cosmetic Dental Bonding

Composite offers versatility, and we often use it to make small repairs to our patients’ smiles. If you have chips, gaps, or wear, composite bonding provides non-invasive treatment options that give you great results.

Composite works best for small issues. If you have severely worn or damaged teeth, we may recommend an alternate restoration for better results.

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