BOTOX® and Juvéderm Castle Rock, CO

Comprehensive dental treatment is about more than just keeping your teeth clean—and at Oakwood Dental, we offer extended services to complement your smile. Now, you can receive BOTOX® and Juvederm facial treatments right here in our dental office! Our Castle Rock dentist, Dr. Brandt Jones, has received specialized training from the American Academy of Facial Esthetics to administer these treatments. Dr. Jones began treating patients aesthetically and therapeutically in 2009. He loves how facial rejuvenation treatments can enhance beautiful dental work. 

If you’re interested in minimizing unwanted facial lines, or if you simply want to enhance your natural features, we can take care of you at Oakwood Dental. Give us a call today at (303) 688-3860 for BOTOX® in Castle Rock. woman smiling after getting Botox in Castle Rock

"11s" and "Suprise Lines"

Do you have unwanted “11s” on your face? These frown lines develop in between your eyebrows and can drastically change your facial expressions. 

We use BOTOX® in Castle Rock, CO to smooth wrinkles caused by the muscles of facial expression. If you’re living with these “surprise lines,” it’s best to see our Castle Rock dentist right away. We recommend treating the problem areas at a younger age before surface wrinkles become deep creases.

Crows' Feet

If your eyes look tired and squinty, you can smooth out your skin and get a more youthful appearance with a simple BOTOX® treatment. Our Castle Rock dentist can treat your crow’s feet while you are already at our dental office for your regular dental exam! 

Migraines and TMJ Problems

We also use BOTOX® for the treatment of TMJ pain and Migraines. BOTOX® reduces the activity of the facial muscles responsible for clenching and grinding, which significantly decreases the body's tension that is known to trigger headaches and migraines.

If your skin is showing signs of aging as a result of jaw problems, you can receive a dermal filler treatment. Dermal fillers, such as Juvéderm®, are used to "plump up" areas of skin that have lost their youthful collagen, like the "parentheses" that develop between the corner of the mouth and the nose.

Lip Enhancement in 80104

Woman smiling after getting JuvedermAt Oakwood Dental, we offer lip enhancement treatments as part of our facial rejuvenation services. We can use dermal fillers to achieve fuller lips, improving the "kissing lines" that develop over time. 

Dermal fillers can be just what you need to frame a beautiful smile and enjoy a younger look. The treatment lasts for about a year before any touch-ups are necessary.

Schedule Your Cosmetic Facial Treatment in Castle Rock Today 

Give us a call at Oakwood Dental to schedule a convenient cosmetic facial treatment appointment. 

Many of our patients choose to have a cosmetic consultation alongside their regular dental appointment, so if you are on Dr. Jones’ calendar for an upcoming dental exam, ask us about piggybacking a BOTOX® or Juvéderm® appointment.