Many dental treatments require impressions of your smile. For example, if you need a dental implant or dentures, orthodontic treatments, or a crown or veneer, our dentists will often start with a dental impression. Those impressions are important when creating your restoration or appliance to ensure that your dental work fits your smile and serves you well. But if you have had dental impressions in the past, you know that the trays and material can be uncomfortable and messy. And impression paste is not known for its pleasant taste.

At our office, we utilize digital impressions instead of the traditional trays and paste. Along with eliminating the mess and discomfort, digital impressions are extremely accurate, and the results will allow our dentists to create a restoration or appliance that can fit your smile perfectly. Digital impressions take very little time. The scanner is small, light and noninvasive, but if you start to feel uncomfortable or if you have a strong gag reflex, it can quickly and easily be removed.

Digital impressions are just one tool that we use to make your visit to our office effective and comfortable. You can learn more when you call our office for your appointment with our dentists.