Our team at Oakwood Dental is deeply concerned for the health and well-being of our patients, our staff and their families. As of March 16th, The American Dental Association and the Colorado Dental Association have recommended that dental offices nationwide temporarily close.  

As you may know, we were already closed for most of this week for Spring Break. We have decided to extend our closure for an additional week in order to do our part to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, and will be canceling any routine or elective procedure appointments already scheduled through March 27th. We will instead concentrate on emergency dental care in order to care for our patients and alleviate the burden that dental emergencies would place on hospital emergency departments.

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What is the difference between Bridges and Dentures?

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To begin, the purpose of bridges and dentures are to replace missing teeth. A bridge, or a fixed partial denture, is permanently attached to the permanent teeth on either side where there is a missing tooth. A bridge is a permanent restoration and requires more attention with dental hygiene. A bridge looks and functions like your natural teeth.

Partial Denture

A partial denture is a lab-created dental representation of natural-looking teeth that is attached to your remaining teeth using clasps. A partial denture is removable and requires regular cleaning and maintenance. A denture functions similarly to your natural teeth, other than a reduced bite force, meaning your bite may not be as strong as it once was. It is important if you have lost one or more teeth to replace them. Dentures typically are less expensive than other permanent restoration options, however, they also have significantly lower longevity.

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If missing teeth are not replaced, you are at risk for additional tooth loss. This occurs because the remaining teeth have to work harder when you bite, which can cause them to start to move or reposition. Dr. Jones is happy to sit down with you to discuss treatment options and the benefits or downfalls of each option.

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