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What is bruxism?

older woman holding jaw from bruxism painBruxism is a condition caused by the clenching of the jaw, which leads to the grinding of the teeth. It is an incredibly common habit that typically happens unconsciously while sleeping, but can also happen at any time during the day.

Clenching of the jaw and grinding of the teeth typically begins as a conscious habit during stressful, anxious, frustrating, or angry moments. Over time, it easily becomes an unconscious habit that is hard to stop. On very rare occasions, bruxism can be caused by certain medications that are meant to treat depression.

Occlusal Guard Therapy in Castle Rock

When clenching or grinding occurs, it causes wear on your teeth, and can lead to a tooth fracture, jaw pain, and/or limited jaw mobility, as well as headaches and compromised sleep.

Bruxism Treatment at Oakwood Dental

While there is no specific cure for bruxism, Oakwood Dental can help treat this condition and manage the symptoms with an occlusal guard. Also known as an NTI, an occlusal guard is a custom-fitted oral appliance designed to wear while you sleep, that prevents you from clenching and/or grinding and causing further damage to your jaw and teeth. This is a quick appointment done in our Castle Rock office and completed the same day for your convenience.


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