Our team at Oakwood Dental is deeply concerned for the health and well-being of our patients, our staff and their families. On March 20th, Governor Polis signed and executive order to extend the temporary suspension for elective and non-essential procedures. This includes all voluntary or elective surgeries or procedures, whether medical, dental or veterinary. The new executive order has extended our temporary closure through April 14th.

We will be available to our patients in need of emergency dental care as needed throughout this temporary closure. 

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What is the difference between a crown and a bridge?

dental crowns | castle rock co dentistWhile crowns and bridges are both prosthetic restorations that are permanently attached to your teeth, they have different uses and/or advantages. A crown, also commonly referred to as a cap, is used to repair a damaged tooth entirely to prevent further damage or decay. A crown is used to aesthetically restore a tooth to its original appearance. With our modern technology at Oakwood Dental, Dr. Jones can typically have your crown completed in one appointment, saving you time and money.

Dental Bridge

A bridge, or a fixed partial denture, is permanently attached to the permanent teeth on either side where there is a missing tooth. Essentially, a bridge utilizes existing teeth to fill in an area left that has been left vacant by a missing tooth to create a natural-looking appearance. A bridge is a permanent restoration that looks and functions like your natural teeth and requires more attention with dental hygiene. It is important to keep the area underneath the pontic (missing tooth) well maintained using a bridge threader to floss under the bridge to remove plaque and prevent decay or bone loss to the existing teeth.

Restorative Dentistry in 80104

Both options are often covered by many dental plans, making them a common restorative choice for patients. Our office staff at Oakwood Dental will be happy to verify your benefits for you. Dr. Jones is happy to sit down with you to discuss treatment options and the benefits or downfalls of each option.

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