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Different TMJ Treatments Available to You

October 1, 2020
Posted By: Oakwood Dental
Man holding jaw from TMJ pain

Are you suffering from the unfortunate side effects of temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMJ)? At Oakwood Dental, we offer solutions for problems caused by TMJ and bruxism in Castle Rock, CO.

Relief from Your TMJ Pain in Castle Rock

If you struggle with pain, migraines, and jaw tenderness, there’s a good chance you need professional medical help. Rather than searching for new “TMJ treatment near me,” you can turn to your trusted Castle Rock dentist, Dr. Brandt Jones. Dr. Jones and our talented team of dental hygienists and assistants have years of experience helping patients find relief from their oral health problems. 

Because other medical and dental problems tend to arise if you don’t get treatment for TMJ-related issues, we encourage you to visit our dental office once you receive a diagnosis. The main treatment we rely on to improve TMJ symptoms is an NTI appliance

NTI Appliances for TMJ Pain

One of the most common and successful ways to treat TMJ migraines and jaw pains is through an NTI appliance. This small dental appliance helps reduce bruxism and teeth grinding during sleep by separating your top and bottom teeth from each other and suppressing the muscles your jaw uses to clench your teeth. 

These small dental splints fit around either your top and your bottom teeth, and we can easily make them here in our dental office. NTI appliances are a conservative treatment method and very easy for you to use, so we will typically recommend this treatment first.

Additional TMJ Treatments

If an NTI appliance cannot successfully improve your condition, Dr. Jones may recommend additional treatments for your pain, such as orthodontics, to increase bite alignment or dental restorations to build up damaged teeth. To learn more about TMJ's dental treatments and bruxism in Castle Rock, please call us today at (303) 688-3860

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