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Why You Shouldn’t Panic If You Have a Dental Emergency

December 22, 2021
Posted By: Oakwood Dental Team
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Our Oakwood Dental team is here when you need us most, and there is never a time of need more than when you have a dental emergency. Dental emergencies can be alarming, especially if you have not yet established yourself with a dental office in Castle Rock.

Common Dental Emergencies

One of the most common dental emergencies is breaking a tooth or a dental restoration, like a crown, filling, or bridge. Breaking a tooth may or may not be painful, depending on its severity, but it most certainly needs to be evaluated by a dentist.

Breaking a tooth filling, dental crown, or breaking a bridge can all make parts of your mouth feel sharp, sensitive, or rough and cause sores. 

You should contact your Castle Rock dentist as soon as possible and book an appointment so our dentists, Dr. Brandt Jones or Dr. Michael Zendig, can repair the problem and have you feeling like yourself again.

Toothache or Swelling

Another common dental emergency is the searing pain from an infected tooth. Infections occur for various reasons, and because of the nature of the infection, leaving one untreated can impact your oral and overall health and wellness.

An evaluation will be the first step toward healing and eliminating pain and swelling. You should contact us immediately as toothaches and swelling will rarely resolve on their own.

A Knocked-Out (Avulsed) Tooth

A less common dental emergency is when a tooth gets knocked out due to an accident, sporting incident, or trauma. If possible, collect the tooth and keep it moist in saliva or water. Time is of the essence for this type of emergency, so contact us right away. We can sometimes re-insert it with timely treatment.

Do You Need an Emergency Dentist in Castle Rock?

We know how desperate an emergency dental situation can be. So if you are in Castle Rock, The Woodlands, Diamond Ridge, or any nearby communities, contact us for emergency dental treatment, and we will get you back on track to feeling like yourself again.

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