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What You Should Know about Dental Fillings in Castle Rock, CO

October 25, 2019
Posted By: Oakwood Dental
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As much as our Oakwood Dental patients may practice regular at-home oral healthcare like daily brushing and flossing alongside routine dental check-ups, cavities can still occur. Tooth decay is widespread and prevalent, and thankfully it's a simple procedure to fix. In fact, the whole process is painless, effective, and quick.

At our Castle Rock dental office, we use tooth-colored fillings to clear your tooth of any decay and seal it from additional harmful bacteria coming back. Understanding the process can help patients feel comfortable when they have to undergo a dental procedure. We encourage our Castle Rock patients always to ask when they have any questions or need further information regarding dental health and methods. 

Dental fillings in Castle Rock, CO, are a secure and reliable fix. 

What Happens after a Cavity?

When you get a cavity, your dentist will be able to identify it during your dental cleaning and exam. Dr. Brandt Jones will apply a local numbing anesthetic to the site so that you don't feel anything. If you have dental anxiety prior to any dental procedure, let our excellent dental staff know so we can do everything we can to make you feel comfortable and secure.

Once the site is numb, your dentist will remove any decay from within the tooth. Prior to the procedure, we will match the shade of the composite material to your existing tooth so that it blends in seamlessly. 

Once the decayed part within your tooth is removed, the space that is left behind will be filled with the tooth-colored composite filling material. We will make sure that you can close your mouth and bite down naturally before finishing. 

And with that, the process is complete. In one dental office visit, you can eliminate tooth decay and seal your tooth from further damage. You can go back home knowing that your oral health is on track.

Do You Need a Tooth-Colored Filling in Castle Rock?

If it's been a while since your last dental check-up, or if you have further questions about tooth-colored composite fillings, give us a call at Oakwood Dental to find out more! We look forward to helping you keep your mouth beautiful, healthy, and strong!


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