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Are You Looking for Headache Relief in Castle Rock, CO?

August 24, 2019
Posted By: Dr. Brandt Jones
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Most everyone gets an occasional headache that’s easy to get rid of with over-the-counter pain medications. But if you wake up every day with headaches or pain your neck, jaw, or shoulders, there’s a good chance you’re clenching or grinding your teeth while you sleep.

Teeth Grinding and Headaches

Teeth grinding or bruxism affects millions and leads to pain and worn, cracked, or broken teeth. When you grind your teeth, the muscles in your jaw tense up. The pain spreads to other muscles on the sides and top of the head that causes a headache.

But many people find immediate headache relief in Castle Rock, CO with a small customized device worn over their teeth during sleep. Called an NTI appliance, it's customized to fit over your front teeth and prevent your upper and lower jaw from coming into contact with each other.

The device controls the tension created when you grind your teeth and removes the stress from your jaw joint and muscles. When your jaws can rest and recover, you will experience the headache relief you so desperately need.

Discovering the Source of Your Pain

You may have a teeth-grinding or clenching habit that could also benefit from additional therapies beyond an NIT splint. Dr. Brandt Jones has also helped patients at Oakwood Dental find relief with orthodontics, dental bite adjustment, and BOTOX®.

Please Call Our Castle Rock Office So We Can Help

We understand how painful symptoms the symptoms of bruxism and TMJ problems can be and how the pain can control your life. But there’s no reason for you to be uncomfortable when we offer a simple solution that can provide the comfort you so desperately need.

If you are tired of the constant pain and would like to learn more about headache relief in Castle Rock, CO, please call us to schedule an appointment. NTI appliances 

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