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Are You Looking for Headache Relief in Castle Rock, CO?

man holding head from pain | Dentist Castle Rock CO

Most everyone gets an occasional headache that’s easy to get rid of with over-the-counter pain medications. But if you wake up every day with headaches or pain your neck, jaw, or shoulders, there’s a good chance you’re clenching or grinding your teeth while you sleep.

Teeth Grinding and Headaches

Teeth grinding or bruxism affects millions and leads to pain and worn, cracked, or broken teeth. When you grind your teeth, the muscles in your jaw tense up. The pain spreads to other muscles on the sides and top of the head that causes a headache.

But many people find immediate headache relief in Castle Rock, CO with a small customized device worn ...

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Invisalign – When You Need Straighter Teeth Sooner

Person using clear braces | Dentist Castle Rock CO

Are you an adult who is tired of dealing with crooked, crowded, or gapped teeth that mar your smile and threaten your oral health? Did you wear braces as a child but your teeth have since shifted?

In either case, you’re probably looking for a solution for straightening teeth that doesn’t involve a mouthful of metal brackets and wires. Treatment with Invisalign clear braces in Castle Rock, CO is easy and comfortable, and perfect for active adults or those with a busy social life.

Consider Invisalign Clear Braces

When it comes to short-term orthodontic solutions, you can’t go wrong with Invisalign clear braces. You don’t have the inconvenience of cutting out your ...

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The Surprising Truth About BOTOX®

Man holding jaw in pain | Dentist Castle Rock CO

While BOTOX® is widely known as a cosmetic treatment, did you know that it can also help patients who suffer from frequent headaches or migraines? It's true! Many patients are turning to BOTOX® in Castle Rock, CO to help them get the relief they need from debilitating headaches that significantly reduce their quality of life. 

How BOTOX® Relieves Headaches

Many patients who suffer from frequent headaches also suffer from bruxism or clenching and grinding their teeth. Bruxism often happens at night during sleep, so many patients aren't aware that it's causing their headaches. Bruxism is also responsible for damage that occurs with your teeth such as fractures or excessive wear.

When BOTOX® ...

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4 Things You May Not Know About Dental Implants

Illustration of Dental Implant | Dentist Castle Rock CO

Most patients in Castle Rock, CO know that dental implants greatly enhance smiles, but there are other benefits, too.

At Oakwood Dental, we want to share a few things you may not know about dental implants.

Dental Implants Improve Your Bite

When teeth are missing, your bite is compromised. This prevents you from maintaining a healthy diet.

Dental implants restore your bite and broaden your diet, which helps you gain and maintain optimal health.

Dental Implants Keep Your Teeth in Line

When teeth are missing, existing teeth tend to shift toward these empty sockets. When this happens, you may notice new gaps between teeth and crooked teeth that were once straight.

Dental Implants Prevent Bone Loss

When ...

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Are Dental Implants or Dentures Better to Replace Missing Teeth?

Dental implants | Dentist Castle Rock CO

If you have missing or severely damaged teeth, you may be considering dental implants or dentures. These are both viable options, along with partial dentures or dental bridges.

However, dental implants are a more permanent solution, an affixed solution, in other words. There are also patients who opt for a little of both.

How Dental Implants Replace Missing Teeth

The dental implant process starts with pulling teeth no longer salvageable through dentistry—broken, severely decayed, and not stable enough to support a crown or other—or preparing the gums for a dental implant. This may require bone grafting.

A dental implant is a small but strong titanium post surgically implanted in your jaw. This post ...

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When Do You Need a Dental Crown?

Close up of dental crown | Dentist Castle Rock CO

Finding an experienced dentist in Castle Rock, CO who successfully places dental crowns is a great way to boost your confidence. It is simple; when your teeth look better, you feel better. A dental crown not only enhances your smile, but it also benefits your oral health.

Apart from enhancing your smile, you need a dental crown if your tooth is:

  • Fractured
  • Worn
  • Cracked
  • Deeply decayed 
  • Weakened by a root canal

We may also recommend a dental crown to restore or correct your bite.

What Is a Dental Crown?

A dental crown is ceramic, porcelain, or a porcelain-zirconia blended preparation that covers your tooth above the gum line. A dental crown looks and functions like a real tooth. 
At ...

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Why You Might Choose Invisalign over Traditional Orthodontics

Woman Holding Invisalign Aligner | Dentist Castle Rock CO

Choosing to straighten your smile goes far beyond just looking your best, though a straight smile is a big motivator! If you have crooked or overcrowded teeth that make your smile look less attractive, you might benefit from finding an Invisalign provider in Castle Rock, CO to make the orthodontic treatment process easier.

Here are three reasons that many of our patients opt for Invisalign treatment over traditional orthodontics.

You Don’t Want to Broadcast Your Braces

Not everyone wants to have metal or ceramic braces, which are pretty noticeable when you speak and smile. Our adult professionals and busy parents want an easier solution that will not draw attention. Invisalign aligners are ...

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