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Rave reviews let us know that we are making our patients feel well cared for, which is always our goal. Here are some of the reviews that our actual patients have left for us.

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Best Sleep I've Had in Years

I just wanted to let you know, after your help with my sleep apnea, I have never slept better. The dental appliance you prescribed is Awesome!! For years I might sleep 3-5 hours a night. After just two nights using the appliance I am sleeping 6-8 hours each night with no snoring. Thanks so much for your help.
Monty P.

Amazing Implant

My dental implant placement with Dr. Jones was nothing short of amazing! I was in such discomfort when I came into see him one afternoon. After diagnosing a crack in my tooth and the deterioration of bone, I began a course with Dr. Jones that I would never want to do with anyone else. His care and attention to every detail, his respectful, personal, and professional manner, making sure I understood every step and what my options were, made this experience very positive. After my initial visit with him, I was never in any pain and with each visit, the procedures brought me closer and closer to an amazingly strong tooth and a mouth that I could chew on both sides again!! It has been 6 months since my implant and I continue to be so thankful to Dr. Jones for doing such a wonderful job and making this process so smooth and comfortable for me. I would definitely recommend an implant placement done by Dr. Jones and his staff.
-Juli F.

Implant Transformation

I wanted to let you know that I haven't had any aches or pain, before, during or after the implant treatment. Everything went on as scheduled. You improved my looks, now I don't look like an ex-hockey player anymore. I thank you, and keep up the good work.
-Tom F.

Instant Migraine Relief

I wanted to tell you how terrific the new mouth guard is working out. I was experiencing migraines on an almost daily basis when I first came to you. I had a feeling I was clenching my teeth and jaw. You made me my custom mouth guard and it seemed that the migraines went away instantaneously. As long as I wear the mouth guard the migraines cease to appear.
I cannot thank you enough for the relief this product has given me. I would recommend the “mouth guard” to anyone who suffers migraines at night due to clenching the jaw or grinding the teeth.
-Cathi C.

Review of my Implant experience

The initial consultation was brief and painless. I had broken a tooth and a crown was going to be difficult to apply given that not much of the tooth was left. We discussed a bridge option and an implant. I already have two bridges. They require pretty radical grinding down of the adjacent teeth, not something I wanted to do again. I choose the implant approach.
The second session was to do the prep work and install the insert that the implant fixes to. This went smoothly with no more inconvenience than a tooth filling. After a couple of sessions where the the insert was checked to be sure it was solidly in place the implanted tooth was put in place.
I have had the implant for over a year now, honestly I could not point it out if someone asked me. I feels completely like my native teeth. I wish this process had been available when I had the two bridges I have were installed, I would have absolutely gone with implants instead.
-Chuck W.

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